Metal-Free Dentistry

Metal-Free Dentistry . . .

The new machined / hand-laid porcelain technology that is now available for front teeth is now the first metal-free crown technique that is truly strong enough to universally recommend for the replacement of crowns or large silver fillings for your back teeth.

Tooth colored, resin bonded fillings.
Metal free crowns.
Metal free bridges.
Metal free removable bridges (partial dentures).
Porcelain laminate veneers.
One visit customized sculpted bonded resin veneers.
This new system, called “Procera”, gives you the strength of the traditional gold / porcelain crown (which is how over 95% of all crowns are currently made), while providing the beauty and translucency of porcelain. As with front tooth crowns, the metallic, grayish metal underpinning found in most of today’s crowns is replaced by an aero-space porcelain foundation. You’ve probably seen that unsightly “gray line at the gum” on existing crowns (for yourself or other people) that can be caused by the current mainstream metallic-based technique.

We create Procera crowns by shaping your teeth in the same way that is done for other types of crowns, but that’s where the similarities end! Your impression and mold is scanned by computer, and the virtual model of your teeth is sent via modem to Goteberg, Sweden. Once in Europe, the inside of your crown is created with incredible precision by a computerized milling machine. The final result, which looks like a porcelain “thimble”, is Fed-Exed back to Los Angeles, and our ceramic artisan hand applies porcelain to the thimble, layer by layer, until the truly natural appearing crown is completed.